‘Fire & Ice’ Show

Here are some photos from our Opening Hair Show last Wednesday! It was a great success. We want to thank everyone for coming and showing support to the Curt Darling Salon Team

Photos by Ingrid Dietrich and Andrew Walldez

Is your shampoo causing dis-ease?

hyrdrate-conditioner-281x300Did you know: most shampoos and conditioners strip essential natural oils from your hair ? Try  High Performance No. 4 Shampoo and conditioner . Number 4 is a vegan, gluten free, sulfate/ sodium chloride free, and paraben free haircare line . At Curt Darling Salon, we value keeping the integrity of your hair and highly suggest removing harsh chemicals from your daily grooming ritual.

Facts +hydrate-shampoo-220x300

  • Gluten is commonly used as a chemical binder in cosmetic products, but has been linked to triggering symptoms of Celiac disease
  • Sulfate/ sodium chloride is used in shampoos to remove oily residue, but more often strip essential oils and cause hair to dry out
  • Paraben a compound formed from acid and alcohol is used to extend shelf life of products and has been linked to breast cancer & fertility issues

Jagger Shagged By Darling

Emmy winner, Curt Darling has recently returned from London, after cutting Mick Jagger’s hair for the premier of Crossfire Hurricane. Curt is delighted to be opening his salon in Downtown Los Angeles.